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Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

Global food security index 2012: A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit

(Indeks ketahanan pangan Dunia tahun 2012)

1. Affordability

1.1 Food consumption as a share of household
1.2 Proportion of population under the global
poverty line
1.3 Gross domestic product per capita
1.4 Agricultural import tariffs
1.5 Presence of food safety net programmes
1.6 Access to fi nancing for farmers

2. Availability

2.1 Suffi ciency of supply (Average food supply in kcal/capita/day, and Dependency on chronic food aid)
2.2 Public expenditure on agricultural research
and development
2.3 Agricultural infrastructure (Existence of adequate crop storage facilities, Road infrastructure, and Port infrastructure)
2.4 Volatility of agricultural production
2.5 Political stability risk

3. Quality and safety

3.1 Diet diversifi cation
3.2 Nutritional standards (National dietary guidelines, National nutrition plan or strategy, and Nutrition monitoring and surveillance)
3.3 Micronutrient availability (Dietary availability of vitamin A, Dietary availability of animal iron, and Dietary availability of vegetal iron)
3.4 Protein quality
3.5 Food safety (Agency to ensure the safety and health of food, Percent of population with access to potable water, and Presence of formal grocery sector)