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Kamis, 08 September 2011

Asset-based Community Development

John McKnight and John Kretzmann of the Community Development Institute recommend focusing on strengths and capacities of a community rather than starting from a place of weakness or deficit. Their belief is that locating all of the available local assets within a community and connecting them with one another in ways that multiply their effect can achieve regeneration. Their Asset-based Community Development strategy concentrates on the agenda building and problem-solving capabilities of local residents, associations and institutions.

Most likely there are under-utilized and unrealized assets in your community. These may be in the form of:

• Individuals with specific talents and skills;
• Associations or informal groups of people working together for a common goal;
• Institutions, which include government and non-governmental organizations;
• Land and buildings;
• Local businesses and lending institutions that can donate, sponsor or otherwise
support community work.