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Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

kedaulatan pangan


“Food Sovereignty is the right of Peoples to define their own policies and strategies for the sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of food, with respect for their own cultures and their own systems of managing natural resources and rural areas, and is considered to be a precondition for Food Security”

Kriteria indikator kultural (Cultural Indicators) untuk kedaulatan pangan:

1. They have a food sovereignty focus, in particular relating to the relationship between food sovereignty and traditional culture

2. They are practical, useful and measurable

3. They should be broad enough to be applied in a range of regions and situations (where they could be made more specific and detailed if need be)

4. They can be used to measure trends and changes (increases and decreases over time)

5. They use the model proposed that includes under each theme structural, process and results indicators.

6. They reflect Indigenous Peoples’ input and direct involvement in development, planning, data collection, analysis and follow-up activities.

7. They take into account the role and contributions of Indigenous men and women, youth and elders

8. They include the collection of anecdotal data, oral histories, interviews and other information provided by traditional practitioners, producers, elders and other community members, as well as from other sources (studies, testing, statistics, etc)