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Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

Indikator kultural ketahanan pangan

Consolidated indicators developed at the 2nd Global Consultation on the Right to Food and Food Security for Indigenous Peoples: Cultural Indicators for Food Security, Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Development

1. Access to, security for and integrity of lands, territories, natural resources, sacred sites and ceremonial areas used for traditional food production, harvesting and/or gathering and related cultural and ceremonial purposes

2. Abundance, scarcity and/or threats to traditional seeds, plant foods and medicines, and food animals, as well as cultural practices associated with their protection and survival

3. Use and transmission of methods, knowledge language, ceremonies, dances, prayers, oral histories, stories and songs related to traditional foods and subsistence practices, and the continued use of traditional foods in daily diet as well as in relevant cultural/ceremonial practices

4. Capacity by Indigenous Peoples for adaptability, resilience, and/or restoration of traditional food use and production in response to changing conditions including migration, displacement, urbanization and environmental changes

5. Ability of Indigenous Peoples to exercise and implement their rights including self-determination and free prior informed consent, as well as their self-government structures, to promote and defend their Food Sovereignty and related aspects of their development

Sumber: Cultural indicators of Indigenous Peoples' food and agro-ecological systems*
by Ellen Woodley, Eve Crowley, Jennie Dey de Pryck, and Andrea Carmen