Total Tayangan Halaman

Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Mengukur Pertanian Berkelanjutan

Sebuah penelitian menggunakan indikator sbb.:

Economic :

  1. Return on asset (%)

  2. Economic efficiency

  3. Total factor productivity

  4. Risk (%)

  5. Net farm income per capita ($/person)

  6. Credit use ($/ha)

  7. Ratio of farms having unoccupied farmland (%)

  8. Ratio of farms planning operating investment (%)

  9. Ratio of farms extend their farmlands (%)

  10. Ratio of farms invest capital to off-farm (%)
Social :

  1. Ratio of village not to enjoy sewerage system (%)

  2. Distance from nearest health institution (km)

  3. The ratio of village having insufficient drinking water (%)

  4. The ratio of asphalted road (%)

  5. Population/government health official

  6. The number of student per teacher

  7. Ratio of farm having social security (%)

  8. Agricultural population density (person/ha)

  9. Ratio of farm that their title deed are belong to more than two person (%)

  10. Ratio of farm deciding to break away agriculture (%)
Environment :

  1. Technical efficiency

  2. Size of cultivated area applied synthetic fertilizer / total cultivated area (%)

  3. Size of cultivated area applied pesticide/ total cultivated area (%)

  4. Ratio of farm used more synthetic fertilizer than suggested level (%)

  5. Ratio of farm used more pesticide than suggested level (%)

  6. The number of factory established in first class area

  7. Ratio of farm operators who supported the idea of cutting woodland off to gain extra farmland (%)

  8. Ratio of farm operators who supported the idea of establishing factory on agricultural land (%)

  9. The size of organic farming area (ha)

  10. Ratio of settlements founded on first and second class agricultural land (%)
Bio-physical :

  1. Ratio of land where organic matter is low (%)

  2. Crop diversity (Simpson index)

  3. Ratio of shallow land (< 20 cm) (%)

  4. The size of IV, VI and VII class land /total agricultural land (%)

  5. Ratio of farm faced with irrigation water shortage (%)

  6. Ratio of agricultural land faced with severe water erosion (%)

  7. The quality of irrigation water (salinity, C4 (%))

  8. Ratio of agricultural land that their pH is not between 6.8 and 7.3 (%)

  9. The size of land that their slope is more than 20%/total agricultural land (%)

  10. The size of soil that their saline amount is more than 0.15%

    Sumber: V. Ceyhan. Assessing the agricultural sustainability of conventional farming systems in Samsun province of Turkey.